Made for Performance

Our patented VERTEX CROSSFIRE spark plugs outperformed BOSCH 2 plugs in the DYNOmite test, and, frankly, it wasn't even close. But don't take our word for it - see the results here. The fact of the matter is, if you're looking for performance from your spark plug, the only answer is VERTEX CROSSFIRE, every time.

VERTEX CROSSFIRE plugs are made by hand by a master of the craft. They're not made by uncaring machines more interested in quantity than quality. With VERTEX CROSSFIRE, you know you're getting the best because the best made it.

"Made for performance", the VERTEX CROSSFIRE spark plug, received an award winning patented design for its unique electrodes design that produces a variable oscillating/fluctuating precision spark for maximum engine performance.

In a 2003 Monte Carlo the on board computer showed an fuel mileage increase of 3+mpg, (18-21mpg). This is the kind of performance gain you can expect from VERTEX CROSSFIRE plugs.

Gas Emissions Test

Why a gas/emission diagnostic test for a spark plug? It's the best test for a spark plug because it deals solely with the ignition/combustion cycle.

The gas diagnostic test analyzes the air/fuel ratio burn efficiency for the production of energy/power whereas the dyno test readings are made up from combining engine components, drive chain, tires, rims, etc., in determining HP and Torque values.

The gas diagnostic test is a valuable tool in engine tuning and performance just as much as dyno testing shows HP and Torque readings. Information from the gas emission test, shows at what percentage the fuel being delivered to the engine's combustion cycle is being completed in the burn cycle. The HC percentage number is the byproduct of unburnt fuel from the combustion cycle. Thus the lower the HC percentage number, the more fuel is being burned and converted into energy in the combustion cycle. The higher the HC percentage readings are, the higher the amount of fuel left unburnt. Unburnt fuel is sent out of the exhaust, and fuel produces power only if it's burnt.

CO is the percentage of fuel being used for the combustion cycle. The lower the CO reading the less fuel, whereas the higher the reading the more fuel is being used.

In conclusion, the gas diagnostic/emission test on the Kawasaki, showed that the Vertex Crossfire HC and CO readings were lower than the Iridium plug, confirming that a more complete ignition cycle was completed with less fuel waste being emitted from the exhaust and used instead to make more power, resulting in HP, Torque, and over all performance gains.


David Woodside of WoodsideMotorsports

"Hey Glenn, made some passes on the plugs this weekend and gained a half a tenth and about two mph in the 1/8. Those plugs burn great and actually look to burn a lot cleaner than the plugs I usually run.

Thanks Glenn! Did some testing Saturday and actually went the best e.t. the car has been yet! The plugs definitely work. Again, thanks for the plugs and your support!!

Wiz,(Steven A Wieczorek) of Wiz Racing Team

“The engine is a small block Ford will a Dart 351 it is now 427 cu, all motor,not bottle feed. It has run the best of 9.27 ET at 149 mph. The car is a mini tube car and all steel but the hood. This winter, I will be pulling the motor to put bigger and better heads on and to check everything out. I would like to get the car into the 8s with all motor; sure hope to. I'm close, and I will keep you up on how the car does. Thanks alot for your plugs! 

Let Your Spark Plug Be The Difference

The patented VERTEX CROSSFIRE spark plug replaces (and outperforms) the following sparkplugs:

These are some of the most common spark plug numbers, but we're experienced with any application. VERTEX CROSSFIRE spark plugs are custom made for your specific application and are available for virtually any internal combustion engine requireig a spark plug.

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